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Alumni Association is another supportive pillar of the college and link between the former students and the Alma Mater. The students are registered as the life members of the association, when they complete the courses. The members are encouraged, through this association, to live and spread the Jesuit values and to cooperate with various activities of the college. A lot of outreach programmes and common celebrations are organized; Apart from the general body meeting, periodical meetings are held as and when the situation arises to participate in the development of the college. Current students are also involved in the activities of the association.

Dindigul regional meeting


Madurai Regional Meeting

Alumini Association

  • Rev. Dr. D. Thomas Alexander SJ, Principal, SXCE
  • Rev. Dr. G. Pushparaj SJ, Director of Alumni Association
  • Dr. A. Amalraj, President
  • Dr. A. Michael J Leo, Secretary
  • Dr. Y. Daniel, Treasurer