Ph.D. in Education (Minimum 2 YEARS)

Both men and women can pursue Ph.D. Programme in Education
on full time and part time basis.
Eligibility : As per the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University

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For each paper, there are both Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) during the semester by the course teachers and an External at the end of the semester by an outside examiner. The Internal and External ratio will be 30:70. There is no passing minimum for CIA. The students will be declared to have passed a course if he secures 45% in the external and 50% in the aggregate.

Internal evaluation

This is done by the course teachers and this will have two components.
1. Internal Tests-2 : 15 Marks
2. Other modes (15 Marks)
(1) Assignments (Compulsory) : 5 Marks
(2) Other modes of internal assessments : 10 Marks
List of other modes of internal assessments (For Practicum – Refer the Syllabus in the College Website)
1. Quiz announced / unannounced
2. Individual viva / group viva
3. Short duration objective type test / snap tests.
4. Short answer / Problem Solving (15 to 30 Minutes for periodical assessment of cognitive ability)

5. Long answer / Essay (30 to 60 Minutes for periodical assessment of higher order cognitive ability)
6. Guided individual / Group Projects.
7. Lab / Field / Practical work / Case Study (to assess practical skills in handling instruments, experiments, reporting, etc.)
8. Group discussion (Once a month to assess his originality, creativity, initiative, communication skills, etc.)
9. Preparing computer animated package and CAI package to assess the ICT skills in teaching

Environmental Studies

As per the order of the Hon’ able Supreme Court of India, and the Chairman of UGC, New Delhi, papers on “Environmental Science, Human Rights, Gender Issues, Value Education, Peace Education and Guidance and Counselling” are offered in the B.Ed. programme.

External examination

External examination will be of three hours each for all the theory papers and practical commission will be held for two days.


Attendance in this college is compulsory. Further a student must put in a minimum of 90% attendance to be eligible to appear for the semester examination. Students with less than 90% attendance will have to repeat the semester after the stipulated duration of the course.

Duration Min. 2 YEAR
COURSE FEE: University