The coat of arms

The three branches of Palm leaves on the right side of the emblem signify that our institution is situated in Tirunelveli District. The ear of rice corn arched on the left side of the emblem represents Maruthanilam. The local symbol connected by a cross highlights the fact that ours is a Christian Institution. At the middle and bottom of the cross, the college motto ‘Veritate Lumen et Vita’ (Light and Life through Truth) is inscribed.

The shield at the front of the cross, has two divisions. On the right IHS, the Jesuit motto, is inscribed. The squares on the left indicate the spiritual, moral, emotional and intellectual development that education fosters in a person. The emblem thus means that St. Xavier’s College of Education is a Jesuit institution of higher learning, established in the Tirunelveli District for the all round development of its pupils.