1950 - 1951The College was started and affiliated to the University of Madras with an intake of 30 students in B.Ed. programme. Rev. Fr. Bonhoure, S.J. took charge as the Principal.

Optional subjects offered were English, Maths, Science and Social Studies
1955 - 1956Rev. Fr. Utarid, S.J. became the principal.
1958 - 1959Rev. Fr. Thomas Thundil, S.J. succeeded Rev.Fr.Utarid as the Principal.
1963 - 1964Rev. Fr. Arul Joseph, S.J. became the Principal.
1966 - 1967The college became affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University. Intake of students was enhanced to 100
1967 - 1968Bellarmine House, the Hostel for the B.Ed., students was opened.
1969 - 1970M.Ed. programme was started.
1970 - 1971Mr. J.A. Right took charge as the Principal.
1971 - 1972St. Xavier's Training College became St. Xavier's College of Education.
1973 - 1974Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Srinivasan, S.J. succeeded Mr. J.A.
Right as the Principal.
1975 - 1976Silver Jubilee celebration of the college was celebrated.
1980 - 1981English as an Optional II was introduced.
1984 - 1985Biological Science as an Optional II was introduced.
1985 - 1986Rev. Fr. Dr. I. Vedanayagam, S.J. took charge as the Principal.
1989 - 1990M.Phil. (Education) programme was started. Computer Centre started offering courses.
1990 - 1991The College was affiliated to the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
1992 - 1993Ph.D. (Education) programme was started.
1995 - 1999Golden Jubilee Block was constructed.
1999 - 2000Rev. Fr. Dr. S. Sebastian, S.J. became the Principal. The college was assessed and accredited with Five Stars by the NAAC. Golden Jubilee celebration was inaugurated.
2000 - 2001Golden Jubilee of the college was celebrated. New Library Block was constructed.
2001 - 2002Publication of a research journal "Research and Reflections on Education " was started
2001 - 2002A spacious Audio Visual hall with all modern equipments was born. A full-fledged Language Laboratory was established. Golden Jubilee Arch was constructed and blessed.
2002 - 2003Approved to be one of the eight IGNOU B.Ed., Programme Study Centres in Tamil Nadu.
Installation of the statue of our Lord.
2003 - 2004A Two - floor building, accomodating a dining Hall and Ten living rooms, was constructed for the hostel students.
2004 - 2005Additional intake of M.Ed., Students from 15 to25 seats.
2005 - 2006Additional intake of B.Ed., Students from 100 to 150 seats.
2006 - 2007UGC Confered the autonomy status on our College.
Tamil and Computer science were introduced as an optional subjects.
The College got permanent affiliation from Manonmanium Sundaranar University.

The College was re-accredited with A+ grade by NAAC.
2007-2008Rev. Fr. D. Thomas Alexander, S.J., succeeded

Rev. Dr. S. Sebastian, S.J., as Secretary and the Principal.

The second floor of Jubliee Block was completed.
2008 - 2009Additional intake of M.Ed. students from 25 to 50 Seats. College was affiliated to (Newly started) Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai.
2009 - 2010Introduction of Public Addressing System, Beautification of Front Garden with tiles & ISSN Number for the Journal. Review of Autonomy by Tamilnadu Teachers Education University.
2010 - 2011 NCTE sanctions additional intake of 20 M.Ed., students, raising the total to 70.
2011 - 2012New Room was built for M.Phil. at the Northern side of Auditorium in the Second Floor.
2012 - 2013The college was re-accredited (3rd Cycle) by NAAC at ‘A’ Grade with CGPA 3.67.
UGC Review committee extended the Autonomous status of the College for the period of Six years, upto 2017-2018.
2013 - 2014Fr. Dr. A. Lourdusamy, S.J. took charge as the Secretary of the college. A room for the college Secretary was established with Air Condition.
The open stage in the college quatrangle was extended. 2014 - 2015 Dean’s office was renovated with Wooden Racks and flooring mat. A Software for bulk SMS, including attendance and annoncements to staff and students was established in the Dean’s office.
Foundation stone was laid for the new library.
2015 - 2016Fr. G. John Gualbert, S.J. took charge as the Secretary of the College.
Rev. Dr. D. Thomas Alexander, S.J. went on leave for his Post Doctoral Degree programme to USA.

Rev. Dr. S. Amaladoss Xavier, S.J. took charge as Principal incharge of the College.
The college switched over to 2 year B.Ed. and 2 year M.Ed. programme according to NCTE Rules and Regualtions, 2014 Act. Accordingly B.Ed. programme had 2 units (50 per unit) and M.Ed. programme had 1 unit (50 per unit).
The opening of new library building in the name of Fr. Utarid, S.J.
2016 - 2017Change in Admission group from ‘Boys only’ to ‘Co-education’.
Rev. Dr. D. Thomas Alexander, S.J. resumed as Principal after his Post Doctoral Degree programme.

Academic and Adminstrative Audit Committee assessed the Internal Quality of the College.
NAAC extended the validity of Accreditation period upto 2020.

Launching of e-magazine (online) entitled “AASAAN” for prospective teachers
2017 - 2018College Journal “Research and Reflections on Education was approved by UGC and registered with No.64624.
A Bridge connecting main block and Fr. Utarid Library was constructed.
Biometric System was introduced for the Staff and the Students.
2018 - 2019UGC has extended the Autonomous status of the College for the period of ten years from 2018-2019 to 2027-2028.
Rev. Dr. G. Pushparaj, S.J. took charge as the Secretary of the College.
Two wheeler sheds for Staff and Students were constructed
The Dean room gets a new path from the gate and the whole campus received a facelift with new wall-fence designs to protect the plants and medicinal plants.
Second Academic and Administrative Audit Committee (AAA-2) assessed the Internal Quality of the College.
2019 - 2020College quarterly journal “Research and Reflections on Education” was included in UGC-CARE list.
Air conditioning of Controller of Examinations Room and Library Director’s Room.
Renovation of Basketball, Volleyball, Ball Badminton grounds
16 new CCTV Cameras were fitted.
2020-2021Lift specialty was provided in the Golden Jubilee building.
Fr. Joseph Srinivasan Learning Resource Centre for
Pedagogy Courses, S.U.P.W., Physical Education and Fine Arts have been created.
Third Academic and Administrative Audit Committee (AAA-3) assessed the Internal Quality of the College.
Two self-financing NSS Units were established.
2021-2022Establishment of Right Centre for e-content Creation.
Diploma Programme on ‘ Digital Pedagogy’ was introduced.
The College was re-accredited (4th Cycle) by NAAC at ‘A+’ Grade with a CGPA of 3.29 in April.
Updating of Library with KOHA System.
Extension of Career Guidance Room by joining the adjacent hostel room.
Internet speed was increased from 300 MPBS to 900 MPBS.
Installation of the DSPACE 4.2 Digital Library cum Institutional Repository Software / Remote Access Facility.
2022-2023Rev. Fr. S. Maria Singarayar, S.J. took charge as the Secretary of the College.
Certificate programme on (நவீன நாடகக் கலை) Modern Theatre Arts was started.