S.NoRules and Regulations
1Strict silence should be observed inside the library
2Library functions from Monday to Saturday 09.00 AM to 05.30 PM
3The library remains closed on Sundays and Government holidays
4Time Allotted for Lending Books
5B.Ed: 12.30 PM to 01.30 PM & 04.45 PM to 05.15 PM
M.Ed: 02 PM to 04 PM
M.Phil: 02 PM to 04 PM
6Time Allotted for Returning the Books
B.Ed: 09 AM to 09.15 AM & 12.30 PM to 01.30 PM
M.Ed: 02 PM to 04 PM
M.Phil: 02 PM to 04 PM
7Library users should sign the Gate Register before entering the library
8Users are required to deposit their bags / belongings (Other than Valuables like mobiles, Wallets Etc.,) at the personal belongings rack.
9Students must wear the ID CARD with the rope inside the library all the time
10Students should produce the ID Cards to the library staff when ever asked for.
11Students will be allowed to make use of the reference books (including books, back volumes, dissertations, CD’s etc.,) in the library only on submission of the identity card
12Misuse of library facilities is an offence and calls for punishment as decided by the competent authority • Users are required to keep the library neat and tidy
13Mobile phones are to be switched off in the library
14Students may approach the librarian and other members of the staff in the library for any help and guidance


S.NoBorrowing (Books Lending)
1Users should verify the physical condition of the books (for Missing pages, Chapters, Pictures Etc.,) before borrowing
2Students can borrow the books as per the following rule:
B.Ed – 5 + 3 = 8 Books (15 Days Lending Period)
M.Ed – 5 Books (15 15 Days Lending Period)
M.Phil – 2 Books (Full Time)
Staff – 10 Books (30 Days)
3Books borrowed must be returned on or before the due date
4In case of delay, a late fee of Rs.1/- will be charged per day (including the holidays).
5The loan period may be renewed for a further period of another fortnight.
6Books will be renewed if there are no reservations.
7Books that are in special demand may be called for at any time when required.
8Books will have to be physically presented for renewals
9Only one copy of a book will be issued to a user.
10All members are hereby informed that they must replace the library resources like Books, CD-ROM, DVD, Question Bank, Periodicals etc, if it is lost or damaged. However in case of internal / external members, if they are not able to replace the above mentioned items (original), they are required to pay three times of the latest price of that resources including processing charges and overdue charges if any. Loss of book must be reported immediately
11No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the reader, the book will have to be replaced by the borrower. Book Damaged condition indicates: i)Mutilated, ii)Cutting, iii)Tearing, iv)Spoiled, V)Writing in books on any pages by using Pencil or Pen
12Reference Books, Back Volumes of Journals, Journals, and Magazines are only for reference and will be issued only for overnight during working days