S.NoName of the JournalPeriodRemarks
1Research and Reflection in EducationQuarterlySXCE
2Xavier Journal of Research AbstractsAnnuallySXCE
3New Frontiers in EducationQuarterlyAIACHE
5Indian Journal of Adult EducationQuarterlyIAEA
6Miracle of TeachingBi-MonthlyAAEC
7The Primary TeacherQuarterlyNCERT
8Indian Educational ReviewBi-AnnuallyNCERT
9Journal of Indian EducationQuarterlyNCERT
10School ScienceQuarterlyNCERT
11The Mathematics TeacherBi-AnnuallyMTA
12DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information TechnologyBi-MonthlyDESIDOC
13Journal of Educational Research and ExtensionQuarterlySRMKVCE
14Meston Journal of Research in EducationBi-AnnuallyMCE
16New Horizons in Educational ResearchBi-AnnuallyDRSACOE
17Journal of Educational PsychologyQuarterlyi-Manager
18Journal of Educational TechnologyQuarterlyi-Manager
19The Journal of English Language TeachingBi-MonthlyELTAI
20Educational Planning & AdministrationQuarterlyNUEPA
21Int’l Journal of Educational Research, Development and ExtensionAnnualMKU
22Loyola Journal of Social SciencesBi-AnnuallyLCSS,TVM
23Frontiers in Education & ResearchBi-AnnuallyNVKSDCE
24Journal of Educational & Psychological ResearchBi-AnnuallyDR. R. K. Y
25Educational ExtractsBi-AnnuallySTCTE
26Journal of Humanities and Social ScienceBi-AnnuallyTANSCHE
27Journal of Modern SciencesBi-AnnuallyTANSCHE
28BRICS Journal of Educational Research Bi-AnnuallyMMU
29INIGO Journal of ResearchBi-AnnuallySICE
30Beyond Horizon QuarterlySTCCE
31Sri Sarada Journal of Frontiers of KnowledgeQuarterlySSCE
32University NewsWeeklyAIU
34The Ground BuilderAnnuallySJTC
35Social GlanceBi-AnnuallyLISSTAR
36Journal of Indian Academy of Applied PsychologyBi-AnnuallyIAAP
37DON BOSCO Journal of Educational InsightsThrice-AnnuallyDBCOERI
38Inter Views AnnuallySCC
39Indian Journal of Research in EducationBi-AnnuallySXCEP