Number of Students using ICT supportName of the programme*Name of the course/sKinds of ICT support usedLink to appropriate ICT recourses
97B.Ed.Philosophical Foundations of EducationWebsite
97Educaional Psychology I & IILMS Website Blog
31Special English Education – IWebsite
31Special English Education – II Website
27Special English Education – IVLMS Website
1Special Tamil Education - IBlog
1Special Tamil Education - II Blog
5Special Tamil Education - IVBlog
2Computer Science Education - ILMS Website
2Computer Science Education - II LMS Website
3Computer Science Education IVLMS Website
31Mathematics Education - ILMS Blog
31Mathematics Education - II LMS Blog
25Mathematics Education IVBlog
23Physical Science Education - ILMS WhatsApp Group Website
23Physical Science Education - IILMS WhatsApp Group Website
28Physical Science Education - IVLMS WhatsApp Group Website
7Biological Science Education - ILMS Website
7Biological Science Education - II LMS Website
7Biological Science Education - IVLMS Website
2History Education - ILMS Website
2History Education - II LMS Website
2History Education - IVWebsite
96General English Education - IWebsite Blog
96General English Education - II Website Blog
2Higher Education in Globalized
92General English Education -IVLMS Website
1General Tamil Education - I Blog
1General Tamil Education - II Blog
5General Tamil Education - IVBlog
97Schooling, Socialization and IdentityLMS Website
97Innovations in Education LMS Website
97Assessment of LearningWebsite
37Physical and Health EducationWebsite
30Guidance and CounsellingBlog
30Library and Information Science
27Human Rights and Duties EducationWebsite
35Environmental EducationWebsite Blog
97Curriculum and
97Vision of Education in IndiaLMS WhatsApp Group Website
97Soft Skills DevelopmentWebsite Blog
45Education of Exceptional ChildrenLMS Website
52Gender Issues in EducationLMS Website
52School Management LMS Blog
45Peace EducationBlog
2Historical and Philosophical Perspectives of Education
2Psychology of Learning and
2Educational Sociology Website
2Research Methodology – I & IIBlog
2Educational StatisticsWebsite
2Educational TechnologyWebsite
2Guidance and
2Teacher Education at 21 st
2Early Childhood Care and EducationWebsite
2School ManagementLMS
2Educational Management and
2ICT and Instructional SystemWebsite