Sl. NoNameReg. No.TopicTimeGuide(Awarded on)
126I.Joyal Roopavathi404Influence of Thinking Skills and Social Intelligence of the B.Ed. Trainees on their Communicative BehaviourFullRev. Dr. I Jesudoss SJ22.03.2022
125R. Reji640 The Effect of Problem Solving Skills and
Personality Development on Teaching Ability
of B.Ed. trainees
FullRev.Dr.S.Amaladoss Xavier, SJ25.10.2021
124A. Nicholas Jegan1605 Academic Self-Regulation, Reflectiveness and
Soft-Skills of Secondary Teacher Education
PartDr. M. Antony Raj01.10.2021
123A. Kiruba1610 Thinking Styles, Problem Solving Ability and
Achievement in Mathematics of IX standard
PartDr. M. Antony Raj23.09.2021
122V. Flowerlet346Stress Management of the B.Ed. trainees in
relation to their Thinking Style and Social
PartRev. Dr. D. Thomas Alexander SJ29.01.2021
121S. Sajitha170Modernity, Personal Values and Cognitive Self-
Management of Primary School Teachers
FullRev.Dr.S.Amaladoss Xavier, SJ17.03.2020
120J. Ceema Nair401Influence of Home Environment and Interpersonal Intelligence on the Academic Achievement of High School StudentsPartRev.Dr.I. Jesudoss, SJ29.01.2020
119L. Xavier Prince2342Development of ICT Based Learning Package and its Effectiveness in Learning PhysicsFullDr. A. Amalraj08.01.2020
118V.Jani403Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students in Relation to Study Involvement and Institutional ClimateFullRev.Dr.I. Jesudoss, SJ06.01.2020
117S.Rubert144Educational contribution of roman catholic diocese of Thoothukudi towards integrated personality developmentFullRev.Dr.S.Amaladoss Xavier, SJ19.10.2019
116Rajitha M Linus1449Values of Professional College Students in Relation to their Personality TraitsPartDr.G.Porgio12.10.2019
115A.Vences Cyril1608Metacognition, Emotional Maturity and Classroom Management of High School Teachers.PartDr. M. Antonyraj31.08.2019
114R. Surya Kala77Influence of Affect Intensity and Modernity on the leadership Styles of Women College Students.PartDr. P. Annaraja25.07.2019
113M.Irudhaya Mary1084Emotional Intelligence, Quality of Life and Professional Commitment among High School Teachers.FullDr. P. Annaraja03.05.2019
112Mrs. M. Balasaraswathi314Academic Achievement of primary school teacher trainees in relation to Emotional Intelligence and Goal settingFullRev. Dr. D. Thomas Alexander S.J.,04.01.2019
111G. George Mullai Danie78Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Modernity on Personality Development of Prospective TeachersFullDr. P. Annaraja28.09.2018
110N.R.Geetha537Academic Achievement in relation to Emotional Intelligence and Home Environment of Higher Secondary StudentsPartDr. G. Porgio26.09.2018
109S.Krishna Priya1237Teaching Competency of Primary School Teachers in relation to their Professional Commitment and IntelligencePartDr. G. Porgio14.09.2018
108Y. JebaProblem Solving Skills and Presentation Skills of Secondary Teacher Education Students
PartRev. Dr. S. Amaladoss Xavier, S.J.29.08.2018
107D. Nimmi Wren 73Academic Achievement of B.Ed. Trainees in Relation to their Value Pattern and Emotional Intelligence
FullDr. G. Porgio07.06.2018
106Mr. P. Lourduraj2391Influence of Cognitive Style and Critical Thinking on Decision-Making of Prospective TeachersFullRev. Dr. S. Amaladoss Xavier S.J.,19.05.2018
105F. X. Dominic Royce630
The Impact of Soft Skills on Personality of the Graduate Students - An Experimental StudyFullRev. Dr. D. Thomas Alexander S.J.,14.05.2018
104R.J. Beena Florence Donark229Emotional Intelligence and Stress on Academic Achievement of High School StudentsPartRev. Dr. S. Amaladoss Xavier D.J.,13.03.2018
103M. Rajasekar137Personality Dimension of Slow Learners and their Academic Achievement among Higher Secondary School StudentsFullDr. G. Porgio09.03.2018
102A. Mary Manjula Rose79Academic Achievement of High School Students in Relation to Home and School EnvironmentFullDr. G. Porgio19.02.2018
101S. Jesu Christopher327Teaching Competency of Higher Secondary Teachers in Relation to their Thinking Styles and Soft SkillsPartRev. Dr. S. Amaladoss Xavier S.J.,05.02.2018
100S. Sahaya Ponmalar1026Academic Achievement of D.T.Ed. Trainees in Relation to their Home-Environment and Self-ConfidencePartDr. G. Porgio05.02.2018
99X. Vengo Regis70Brian Dominance, Thinking Styles and Problem Solving Skills of Higher Secondary StudentsFullDr. P. Annaraja24.01.2018
98K. A. Antonysamy 72Awareness of Environmental Degradation and Attitude towards Science among the High School Students in the Coastal Districts of Tamil NaduFullDr. G. Porgio17.01.2018
97S. Milton1093Impact of ICT on Scholastic Achievement and Personality Development of Middle School StudentsFullDr. P. Annaraja27.11.2017
96T. Jeevagaraj629Influence of Interpersonal Skills on Academic Achievement of High School Tribal Students”FullRev. Dr. S. Amaladoss Xavier S.J.,17.11.2017
95S.T. Sajith Lal Raj80Academic Achievement of B.Ed. Trainees in Relation to their Self- Acceptance and Achievement MotivationFullDr. G. Porgio03.11.2017
94G. Vedhanayagam1085A Critical Study on IED Programme in Southern Districts of Tamil NaduFullDr. P. Annaraja13.10.2017
93M. Antony Raj71Modernity, Professional Ethics and Wellness of the High School TeachersPartDr. P. Annaraja12.10.2017
92A. Julie Eben74Techno-Pedagogical Awareness and Self- Efficacy of the Prospective TeachersFullDr. P. Annaraja06.10.2017
91N. Priyadarshini311Well-Being of High School Students in Relation to their Achievement Goal Orientation and Cognitive Self-ManagementFullRev. Dr. D. Thomas Alexander S.J.,04.10.2017
90-AM. Amalorpavam170jkpo; tpUg;gg;ghl fy;tpapay; khzf;fh;fspd; gd;Kf Ez;zwpTk; tpOkpag; ghh;itAk; - Xh; Ma;TPartDr. P. AnnarajaJune 1, 2017
90M. Amalorpavam170Multiple Intelligence and Value Perception of Tamil Optional B.Ed. Students- A StudyPartDr. P. AnnarajaJune 1, 2017
89R. Jaculine Mary76Effectiveness of Computer Based Co-operative Learning on Achievement in English of IX Standard StudentsPartDr. P. AnnarajaMay 1, 2017
88Mrs. S. Sreekala2221Effect of Psychological Needs and Learning Styles on Academic Achievement of Tenth Standard Students of KeralaPartDr. A. AmalrajAugust 1, 2015
87Mrs. Faritha Begam2217Brain Dominance, Learning Styles and Academic Achievement of High School StudentsPartDr. A. AmalrajApril 1, 2015
86Mr. Shaiju Francis3306Emotional Maturity, Multiple Intelligence and Academic Achievement of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Students.FullDr. G. PorgioApril 1, 2015
85Mrs. P. Jebaselvi Arputha Seeli2062Awareness of Sustainable development of Environment in Relation to Social and Technological attitude among College StudentsPartDr. G . PorgioOctober 1, 2014
84Mr. T. S. Gunasekar3397Influence of Brain Dominance, Cognitive Self-management and level of aspiration on Achievement in English of High School Students.PartDr. P. AnnarajaSeptember 1, 2013
83Ms. Beiya Babu2764Influence of Value orientation and creative ability on the academic achievement of Teacher trainees in colleges of Education Affiliated to Kerala UniversityFullDr. A. AmalrajJuly 1, 2013
82Mr. P. ArputhaNayagam2923Value patterns of students of fishing community in relation to their academic achievementPartDr. G. PorgioFebruary 1, 2013
81Mrs. S. Jasmine Sheila BurneyCorrelates of Academic Involvement of Teachers in Matric and Non-Matric SchoolsPartDr. A. AmalrajDecember 1, 2012
80Mrs. H. Mary Jessy RochValue Profiles of School Students of First and Subsequent Generations-A Comparative AnalysisPartDr. G. PorgioSeptember 1, 2012
79Mrs. R. Sreeletha2617Multiple Intelligence and Academic Achievement an Analytical Study among High School StudentsPartDr. A. Amalraj (Co-Guide)September 1, 2012
78Fr. S. Jayaraj Maria Louis, S.J.3876Value Orientation and Achievement Motivation of tribal students in relation to their Academic AchievementFullDr. G. PorgioJune 1, 2012
77Mrs. H. Deepa4540Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Thinking Styles on Decision-Making of Distance Education B.Ed., StudentsFullDr. P. AnnarajaMay 1, 2012
76Mrs. S.R. Premalatha2692Relationship between Personality Traits and Achievement in Mathematics of Higher Secondary StudentsFullDr. G. PorgioMay 1, 2012
75Fr. Ignatius Topno, S.J.3304Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and Teacher Effectiveness of Primary School TeachersFullDr. P. AnnarajaApril 1, 2012
74Mrs. M. Maria Saroja1575Influence of Cognitive style and Multiple Intelligence on Academic Achievement of Prospective Teachers of Biological SciencePartDr. A. AmalrajApril 1, 2012
73Fr. P. Anthony Raj, S.J.3010Influence of Emotional Intelligence, Risk-Taking Behaviour and Modernity on Academic Achievement of Ho Tribe Students Studying in High Schools in Kolhan, JharkhandFullDr. P. AnnarajaApril 1, 2012
72Mr. C. N. Prabhu Ranjith Edison2825Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Group Behaviour on Academic Participation of Higher Secondary StudentsPartDr. A. AmalrajJanuary 1, 2012
71Mr. A. Michael J. Leo3009Influence of Awareness of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Emotional Intelligence of the Pedagogical content knowledge of Mathematics Group B.Ed. TraineesFullDr. P. AnnarajaJanuary 1, 2012
70Mr. S. Godwin2701Achievement Motivation and Vocational choice of the Socially challenged Higher Secondary StudentsPartDr. A. Amalraj (Co-Guide)January 1, 2012
69Mrs. N. Beulah Jeyanthy2906Personality Profile and Professional Portfolio of Student Teachers in Colleges of Education in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University AreaPartDr. M. Alphonse Raj (Co-Guide)December 1, 2011
68Fr. K. K. Sibichen3818Techno-Pedagogical and thinking skills of the Secondary Teacher Education Students.FullDr. P. AnnarajaDecember 1, 2011
67Mrs. E.C. Punitha1599English language attainment of IX Std. Students in Relation to the School and Home EnvironmentPartDr. S. ArockiasamyNovember 1, 2011
66Mrs. K.R. Santhy2761Effect of Study habits and Parental Support on Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary School StudentsPartDr. A. Amalraj (Co-Guide)October 1, 2011
65Mr. G. Anto Boopala rayan2584Influence of wellness on the Academic Achievement of Elementary Teacher-Trainees-A Study PartDr. G. PorgioOctober 1, 2011
64Mr. F.L.Antony Gracious3305Teaching Competency of Secondary teacher Education Students in relation to their Multiple Intelligence and ICT AwarenessPartDr. P. AnnarajaOctober 1, 2011
63Mrs. R. Sasipriya3346Influence of Soft skills on teaching Competency of secondary teacher Education Students PartDr. P. AnnarajaOctober 1, 2011
62Mr. S. Selvin3307A Study on self-esteem stress and emotional intelligence on Academic Achievement of B.Ed. College Students in Southern Districts of TamilNaduPartDr. G. Porgio (Co-Guide)October 1, 2011
61Mr. M. Antony Raj2905A Study of Cognitive Style, Social Interaction, College Environment and Academic Achievement of Outgoing Undergraduate History StudentsPartDr. A. AmalrajAugust 1, 2011
60Mrs. K.F. Merlin Preetha2656Influence of Personality Factors on Teaching Competency, Attitude towards Professional Development and Professional Development of College TeachersPartDr. G. Porgio (Co-Guide)July 1, 2011
59Sr. D. Antoney Sujatha2446Contributions of Christian Institutions in Empowering the Mentally Challenged ChildrenFullDr. G. PorgioJuly 1, 2011
58Mr. R. Selvaraju3649A Study on Anxiety and Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students in Relation to Certain Selected VariablesPartDr. P. Annaraja (Co-Guide)June 1, 2011
57Mr. C. Ramesh3345Influence of Cognitive Self-Management and Emotional Intelligence on Teaching Competency of B.Ed Students in Distance Education.PartDr. P. AnnarajaMarch 1, 2011
56Mrs. Sheeja V. Titus3303Influence of Metacognition and Emotional Intelligence on Teaching Competency of Secondary Teacher Education Students.FullDr. P. AnnarajaMarch 1, 2011
55Mrs. A. Punitha Mary2387Professional Commitment of College Teachers in Relation to their Psycho-Social CharacteristicsPartDr. A. AmalrajMarch 1, 2011
54Mr. P. Suresh2218Academic Problems as Perceived by Students, Teachers, Parents and Administrators at the Secondary LevelPartDr. G PorgioJanuary 1, 2011
53Mrs. K.V. Rani2448Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students in Relation to their Multiple intelligence, Critical thinking and creativityFullDr. G. PorgioDecember 1, 2010
52Mr. P. Muthupandi2808Knowledge Competency, Performance competency, ICT Competency and personality Characteristics’ of Distance mode B.Ed. Students.FullDr. A. AmalrajDecember 1, 2010
51Mrs. J. Maria Prema2775A Study of Achievement Motivation, Self-Concept and Social Perception of Higher Secondary Students in relation to their AchievementFullDr. A. AmalrajOctober 1, 2010
50Mr. Y. Daniel2762Teaching Competency of Primary School Teachers In relation to their job satisfaction and locus of ControlFullDr. A. AmalrajOctober 1, 2010
49Fr. S. Perianayagam1599Problems of Primary Level School Teachers and their Professional Commitment in the Nilgiris districtPartDr. S. ArockiasamySeptember 1, 2010
48Mr. M. Kumaradas1615Managerial skill of the Principals of Colleges of Education as Perceived by Teacher Educators Kerala State.PartDr. A. AmalrajJuly 1, 2010
47Mr. S. Joseph Emmanuel1950Personality Traits and Adaptive Behaviours of the Educable Mentally Retarded.FullDr. S. ArockiasamyJune 1, 2010
46Mrs. M. Karthy2189Social Intelligence, Vocational adjustment and job Satisfaction of teacher working in Higher Secondary School.FullDr. M. Alphonse rajMay 1, 2010
45Mrs. S. Sreelatha1961Personality and Teacher Effectiveness an analytical study on Mathematics Teachers.PartDr. A. AmalrajApril 1, 2010
44Mr.M.Vasimalai raja2807Influence of Emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and Reflectiveness on academic achievement of high school students.PartDr. P. AnnarajaFebruary 1, 2010
43Ms.Anisha V.Gopalakrishnan2654Influence of multiple intelligence and self-efficacy of the secondary teacher education students on their teaching competency.PartDr. P. AnnarajaFebruary 1, 2010
42Sr.V.Pushpa Ranjitham2024Contributions of the congregation of immaculate conception, Madurai to women’s educationPartDr. P. AnnarajaFebruary 1, 2010
41Ms. M. Kanmani2583Developments of Pointers Software and its Effectiveness on Program writing skill among Computer Science Graduate StudentsPartDr. P. AnnarajaJanuary 1, 2010
40Ms.J.Beulah johns2041Impact of awareness of information technology and self –Esteem on Teaching competency and pedagogical content knowledge of the B.Ed.Students.PartDr. P. AnnarajaJanuary 1, 2010
39Ms. P.m. Kala vincila2190Teachings competency of D.T.Ed.Students in relation to certain personality FactorsPartDr. G. PorgioJanuary 1, 2010
38Mr. C. Martin Arockiasamy1768Web-Resource Usage by Researchers in Manonmaniam Sundaranar university TirunelveliPartDr. A. AmalrajNovember 1, 2009
37Ms. A. Dhasnevis.71A Study of Standards of Teaching Physical science in Higher secondary schools of southern Tamil Nadu.PartDr. P. AnnarajaNovember 1, 2009
36Fr .I.Jesudoss.S.J1804Influence of personal values, well-being and achievement motivation of the B.Ed.Trainees on their communicative behaviorPartDr. P. AnnarajaNovember 1, 2009
35Ms.Uma natarajan1239Personality,job satisfaction and teaching competency –A study on higher secondary physical science teachersPartDr. A. AmalrajSeptember 1, 2009
34Mrs.B.C.Sobha2021Effect of self-Esteem, Stress and Emotional intelligence on academic achievement of X Standard Students in southern Districts of Tamilnadu.PartDr. A. AmalrajAugust 1, 2009
33Fr.D.Thomas Alexander.S.J1821Impact of Emotional intelligence, study skills and aspiration of the problem students of higher secondary classes on their scholastic performancePartDr.P.AnnarajaAugust 1, 2009
32Ms. Nima.M.Joseph2031Influence of attitude towards information and communication technology, Personality and Study Skills on scholastic Achievment of High School Students.PartDr.P.AnnarajaMay 1, 2009
31Ms.w.jebasheela2040Impact of Environment and Expectations on the Academic Achievment of X11 standard matric and non-matric studentsPartDr. S. ArockiasamyDecember 1, 2008
30Mr.G.N.Sunith Kumar1962Values of co-curricular activities as perceived by higher secondary studentsPartDr. S. ArockiasamySeptember 1, 2008
29Fr.S.Soosai nayagam.S.J1719Constraints and their impact on the academic achievement of the santal tribal X Standard Students in Jharkhand State.PartDr. S. ArockiasamyAugust 1, 2008
28Ms. P. Mary Joise867Level of Educational Aspiration of the First Generation Learners in Relation to Certain Psychological and Home FactorsPartDr. S. Arockiasamy03.12.2007
27Fr. Sagayaraj Mark1414Factors Influencing the Scholastic Achievement of the Dalit Students in the Southern Districts of A.P.StatePartDr. P. AnnarajaDecember 1, 2007
26Mr. T. Kanagaraj1286Effectiveness of Science Faculty Members in Colleges Affiliated to M.S. University in Relation to Achievement of StudentsPartDr. A. Amalraj19.11.2007
25Fr. Thomas Savarimuthu1573Influence of Welfare and Educational Facilities Available on Achievement of Secondary Students of Tribal CommunityPartDr. A. Amalraj17.08.2007
24Mr. K.S. Kumaresan906Hope of Success and Fear of Failure Among the Disadvantaged S.S.L.C. StudentsPartDr. S. Arockiasamy27.07.2007
23Mr. S. Joseph Silvestin952Professional Commitment of the Graduate and Post Graduate Teachers in Relation to their Perceived School RobustnessPartDr. S. Arockiasamy18.07.2007
22Sr. Nirmala Sundararaj1432Development of Visual Basic Based CAI Package in Zoology and its Effectiveness on Achievement of the Plus One studentsPartDr. P. Annaraja24.04.2007
21Ms. A. Annie Pearline Rajakumari819Leadership Potential of Post Graduate Students in University Departments and in Colleges Affiliated to M.S.U.PartDr.P.S. ChandrakumarMay 4, 2007
20Fr. S.Amaladoss Xavier808Teaching Competency of P.G.Teachers Teaching Chemistry in Relation to Students Achievement in ChemistryPartDr. A. Amalraj10.11.2006
19Mrs. R. Indira Mary Ezhil Selvi1518Relationship of Affect Intensity, Modernity and Friendship to Scholastic Achievement of Higher Secondary GirlsFullDr. P. Annaraja25.08.2006
18Mrs. V. Sindhya1618Value Orientation, Effectiveness and Morale of Teacher Educators in Colleges of Education in KeralaFullDr. A. Amalraj03.08.2006
17Mr. Mohanan959Level of Aspiration, Health Status and Study Habits: The Triad for Academic Achievement in Psychological Perspectives.PartDr. P.Annaraja Co-Guide30.05.2006
16C.Jeya Kumar484Evolving Strategies to Develop Family Life Education for the Adolescents of Fishermen Community in VilavancodePartDr.S.Arockiasamy21.04.2006
15Ms. V.G. Anantha1142Study Habits of Higher Secondary Students in Relation to Certain Psycho- social VariablesPartDr. A. Amalraj07.11.2005
14Fr. A. Dennis1167Influence of Cognitive Self-management, Academic Intrinsic Motivation and General Awareness on Scholastic Performance of X Standard StudentsPartDr. P. Annaraja14.03.2005
13Mr. Permalil Thomas Varghese1263Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Teaching Competency Of High School TeachersPartDr. P. Annaraja10.12.04
12Mr. A. Fiby Raj813Functional Proficiency of Student Teachers in English LanguagePartDr. P.S. Chandra Kumar8.12.04
11Fr.A. Kumar Raja1440Influence of Creativity and Awareness on IT of Higher Secondary School Teachers on their Teaching EffectivenessFullDr.P.Annaraja30.09.2004
10Br. R. Amaladoss1158Religion Education – An Explorative StudyPartRev. Dr. S. Sebastian02.08.2004
9Mr. S. Sundarsingh Vetha Manikam593Professional Involvement of Primary School Teachers in Kanyakumari DistrictPartDr. A. Amalraj21.08.2003
8Ms. S. Rama700A Critical Study on Achievement of Secondary Class Students in Mathematics in Tinnevellly EducationalFullDr. P.S. Chandrakumar2.1.2003
7Ms. Joycillin Sharmila515A Study of Skills of Reading Comprehension in English developed by IX std Students in the Schools in VOC dist.PartDr. P.S. Chandrakumar1-7-2k
6Ms. D. Sweetlin Rajam Amsarini493A Descriptive Study of Teaching Effectiveness of Teachers in Higher SecondaryFullDr. P.S. ChandrakumarFeb-2k
5Sr. M. Mary Josephine Agnes247A study of personality characteristics of B.Ed students in colleges of education in TamilnaduPartRev. Dr. S. Sebastian S.J.24-09-99
4Ms. D. Vasantha SeenikumarCompetitive behaviour of first degree studentsPartDr. P.S. ChandrakumarAugust 11, 1999
3Ms. M. Expedit Olimani252Status of English language teaching at the junior levelPartDr. P.S. Chandrakumar15-3-99
2Mr. J. Franklin Roy Prabhakaran241English language teaching and fulfilment of language functions-A study of compatibilityPartDr. P.S. ChandrakumarJune 1, 1998
1Mr. M. George Stephen290Academic performance of students of X std failed in the SSLC exam.PartDr. P.S. ChandrakumarMarch 1, 1998