Students should evince utmost honesty and good behaviour during the conduct of the examinations. They should keep silence in the examination hall and cooperate in the orderly conduct of the examination.


University Code:


  1. If a student is found talking or laughing in the hall, or trying to copy from his neighbour’s script, he/she will be warned, and if the invigilator deems it fit, the student will have to move to a different seat.


  1. If a student is found copying from some manuscript of printed sheet or from any other incriminating material, or is found possessing any such material, he/she will stop writing the examination, produce a statement in writing about his/her case, and leave the hall.


The invigilator concerned will seize the incriminating materials confiscate the Hall Ticket, Identity Card and Answer Script of the Student, and provide a statement of his own along with the student and that of the Chief Superintendent who will forward it to the Controller of Examinations with his endorsement.


The student may be permitted to appear for the subsequent papers of the sitting conditionally. Later, the student will be asked to appear before the Appeals and Grievance Redressal Cell to decide the sanctions against him/ her for malpractice. The sanction will vary according to the gravity of the fault, ie., from being debarred from one paper or all the papers of one semester, or to being debarred from two or three subsequent semester if necessary.


  1. Post examination discovery of malpractice will be referred to the Controller of Examinations by the examiner. The Controller will refer the matter to the Appeals and Grievance Redressal Cell for a decision. (The rules prevailing in University regarding malpractice and those framed by our Academic Council will serve as guidelines)


If a student is found indulging in malpractice in any Internal Assessment Tests he/she will be presented to the Principal. He/She will be awarded zero for that semester and he/she cannot appear for semester exam for that paper. Serious action will be taken by the Principal if the student is caught again for malpractice.