Semester Examinations


In general, all theory papers for the semester examination will be set by external examiners. While there is a single valuation for the B.Ed. answer scripts, it will be valued by the external examinars. There will be double valuation for M.Ed. and M.Phil. scripts, with both valuation done by the external examiners. The difference of the marks between the two valuations is 15 and above, the script will be sent for a third valuation and the average of the closest two marks will be taken.


Course Completion


The students who have arrear papers are permitted to appear in the subsequent semester. A student who registered for B.Ed. / M.Ed. Degree course will have to complete the course within two years. Otherwise the student has to re-register.


For M.Phil (Full time), candidate will have to complete the course within two years. For M.Phil (Part time), candidate will have to complete the course within four years.




After the semester examination, the results will be scrutinized by the Examination Committee. Students will be given mark-sheet for every semester examination. At the end of the course, a consolidated mark-sheet of the final results will be given to each student.


Supplementary Examination


Supplementary examination will be held after final semester to those who have appeared and failed in any of the semester theory papers and have only three papers related to completion of theory part. The supplementary will be announced after the publication of year-end results. Examination fee has to be paid as prescribed by the college for the supplementary examinations.


Re-appearing / Re-counting / Re-evaluation


Students who have failed will be permitted to re-appear for the paper, based on the syllabus in force at the time of admission for a period of two years from the year of normal completion of the same course. Hence the period of completion for B.Ed., M.Ed. would be 2+2 years and for M.Phil, it would be 1+2 years.


Recounting is permitted to B.Ed. Students who apply for it within the stipulated time with a payment of prescribed fee.


Revaluation is permitted only for the papers written in regular B.Ed. examinations and not for arrear examinations.


On a written request students can get a xerox copy of their exam scripts by paying the prescribed fee